Rob's story


Rob Hutton spent 25 years as an owner and executive of a trucking and warehousing firm in Milwaukee. The 100+ employee firm provided critical supply chain support to many Wisconsin based industrial manufacturers. 

He is currently a partner and board director of a manufacturing firm in SE Wisconsin.  

He has witnessed firsthand how private industry fuels the Wisconsin economy. Over the last eight years we have gone from being one of the highest taxed and regulated states to one that is now an attraction for business. CEO Magazine now ranks Wisconsin 13th for states to do business with, up from 24th in 2010. 


Since Republicans have been the majority party in the legislature, Wisconsin has seen an increase in private sector jobs, especially jobs in manufacturing. Over the past year, Wisconsin has ranked 2nd nationally and 1st in the Midwest with 12,600 manufacturing jobs created.

Today our unemployment rate is at an all-time low and more Wisconsinites are working than at any other time in our history.  

Additionally, the announced Foxconn project will revolutionize Wisconsin’s economy. With its initial $10 billion dollar invest, Foxconn will create second, third, and forth tier growth that will change our business landscape and create thousands family supporting careers for people of all skill levels.


Rob has been married to his wife Patti for 23 years. They both graduated from Brookfield East High School, and have strong family roots in Brookfield and Wauwatosa. Rob earned his degree in History from UW-Whitewater.  Rob and Patti have continued to reside exclusively in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties. They currently live in Brookfield and are blessed with four children: Ryan (20), David (18), Sarah (15), and Steven (13).


Prior to his role as State Representative, Rob served as a Supervisor on the Waukesha County Board. In that role, Rob utilized his experience in business to fight for reducing taxes and eliminating government waste. He has a proven track record in voting against wasteful spending. 

Rob has made a long-term commitment to give back to the community. He has served on various non-profit boards, volunteered with inner city and prison outreach ministries, coached youth sports, taught Sunday school and led youth groups. Rob understands the importance of serving and leaving the community a better place.