Economy and Jobs

As a private business owner I have seen firsthand how the private sector is the driver of our economy. As individual business owners and corporations evaluate the risk and rewards of their investments, economic growth occurs and new jobs are created. 

As a State Representative, I have used my private sector experience to push for economic reforms that eliminate unnecessary regulation and encourage investments with both current and prospective Wisconsin businesses. 

Our current unemployment rate is at an all-time low. We rank in the top five in creating manufacturing, construction and overall private sector jobs. The labor force participation rate is at an all-time high, in addition to jumping 13 spots in the CEO Magazine ranking of best states to do business in. 

Wisconsin is Working!


In the late 1700’s George Washington, having recently been elected our nation’s first president, argued with Jefferson and the Federalists over the need for taxation. Washington understood the need for government revenues to fund specific government constitutional roles. Having just come through the Revolutionary War, our nation’s ongoing national security would have been one top priority.

I can’t imagine Washington’s reaction if he witnessed just how far we have gone! Today, we have too many in government that believe the role of hard working citizens is to continue feeding the ever growing size and reach of local, state, and federal programs.  

While the private sector and individual families determine how much money they have and budget accordingly, the government determines how much money it wants to spend and taxes accordingly. This tax and spend policy has not only produced many negative results in our society, it has created a financial crisis that has put some states and our Federal government on the verge of bankruptcy.

Since being in office I have pushed for and introduced policies that further realign our tax and spend policies along constitutional boundaries. I have fought for legislation that has shrunk the size of our state government and continue to work on a new tax policy that will simplify our tax code for business and individuals.

I am encouraged that we have a Governor and legislature that has begun to reverse the tax and spend policies in the state of Wisconsin.  I am committed to continue the work we started. 

I renew my pledge to stand with the taxpayers of this great state and reject any tax increases. We need to make Wisconsin a tax friendly state for our businesses, families, and seniors.  

Valuing Life

In the opening lines of our nation’s Declaration of Independence John Hancock transcribed these words… “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…

For over 200 years these words, combined with our nation’s strong Judeo Christian values guided how we valued and protected life in our society. We understood that each life, whether preborn, terminally ill, or elderly, was precious and our obligation to protect.

I am 100% prolife and as your State Representative, I have supported legislation that protects life and voted to eliminate any state or federal funding that contributes to the harm of our most vulnerable citizens.

In the 2017-2018 session we passed legislation that banned state health insurance plans from covering abortions. Also, I continued to advocate to eliminate all public funding for abortions.  I will continue to fight for increased support for women who choose to keep their child.


I believe great education policy starts locally, with parents, teachers, and the community working together. All three need to be involved in making our school districts the strongest in the nation. That level of involvement has created historically excellent education achievements in Wisconsin.  I believe our state will continue to demonstrate why education is our most important economic driver. 

As a father of 4 school aged children, quality education is a personal concern for our family.  As a State Representative I will carry the concerns of hard working families by supporting policies that ensure all of our state’s children have the educational advantages they deserve. 

I believe education is a bi-partisan issue and should be lead by our education leaders on the front lines. That is why I developed a coalition of leaders from diverse education settings to work together on critical state issues that effect every school system. Those ideas have resulted in important bi-partisan legislation that will have positive impacts statewide.

Our 2018-2019 budget contained a historic $11.5 Billion dollar investment in our K-12 school system. More money than ever is going directly into our classrooms so that our teachers have the resources they need to educate our children. 

Every family should have the ability to choose a school they believe gives their child the best opportunity to learn and succeed. 

Every child deserves to attend a school where they are safe and protected.  That is why I supported Governor Walker's $100 million investment to insure schools in every community are the safest they can be.  I will continue to push for investments that add critical security measures in all of our schools.

To remain globally competitive we must also continue to innovate our approach by connecting middle and high school classrooms with the marketplace in order to prepare our young people for the careers of today and tomorrow.

Role of Government

I’ve often thought there were analogous similarities between government and rivers. Rivers are wonderful creations that serve to carry critical water and natural resources along a defined shoreline. When those waters stay within those shorelines they can benefit mankind and nature in numerous ways. However, when rivers overflow their banks they go from being a vital resource to a very dangerous and destructive force. Unrestrained volumes of water often leave mass destruction in its path.  

Government, like rivers, also plays an important role in society in administering justice and protected rights. When government stays within its constitutional boundaries it carriers out those functions to the overall benefit of society. When government spending is unrestrained personal freedoms and liberties are often put at risk. 

Citizens are demanding that elected officials shrink government back within constitutional boundaries and restore the freedoms and liberties outlined in the Constitution itself. 

To reinforce these boundaries I authored the BASE budget bill requiring all state agencies to report how they spend every dollar of your hard earned money. This provides important transparency so we can make sure that your money is being spent wisely. 


As a business owner, I’ve experienced firsthand the escalating cost of healthcare paid by small business. The ability of these small businesses to afford quality healthcare plans for employees is a greater challenge every year. It continues to be an issue of access, quality, and affordability.

We need to continue to push for lowering healthcare costs with market-based solutions that will encourage competition, require greater transparency, strengthen doctor-patients relationships, and improve quality care for all Wisconsin residents. 

As your State Representative, I have supported legislation that helps drive down healthcare costs through market driven solutions and directly ties quality healthcare to cost effective solutions. 

Through Governor Walker’s strong leadership we have provided health insurance for all Wisconsin residents. With additional investments in BadgerCare, we have ensured all residents can receive the medical care they need.